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Wind Symphony
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Two Nights In October
Two Nights In October

This Limited Edition Double Live CD, DVD, and 24 page full color insert booklet features 38 recordings from the Enumclaw High School Band, Orchestra, and Choirs from a series of concerts performed over two evenings in October of 2009, under the direction of Lynda Alley and Paul Scott is available as a re-issue for a limited time only.  This CD was recorded in RMSURROUND, RM's proprietary 16 track digital stereo sound accompanied by a DVD shot in High Definition RMPENTASCOPE, a proprietary 5 camera shoot to make sure every angle is covered.  With over 250 students participating in these two magical evenings, this CD + DVD is a tour-de-force from very accomplished student musicians.  The deadline for purchasing this CD, DVD, and 24 Page Booklet was October 31, 2009, after which time the CD will only be available as a download and the DVD will be reproduced on an order by order basis and it will be delivered in an RM Generic Cover.  It will not be the cover shown in the photograph.  We regret that the economics of pressing and duplicating CD's and DVDS is such that the manufacture of DVD's in smaller quantities greatly increases the cost.  Thank you for supporting Enumclaw High School.  This CD will be available for download on November 11, 2009.  The DVD will be available on November 11, 2009.  The tracks listed to the left are not indicative of the total number of tracks on the CD.  They are just the tracks featured on the music player. 



Press the play button () below to hear a sample.
Name Artist Composer(s) Album Time
01 Ave Verum Enumclaw High School WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART Two Nights In October 02:39 Play Sample   Single $1.00
02 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Enumclaw High School Kern, Philip J. Two Nights In October 02:46 Play Sample   Single $1.00
03 Shut De Do' Enumclaw High School Stonehill, Randall Evan Two Nights In October 02:48 Play Sample   Single $1.00
04 Here's That Rainy Day Enumclaw High School JAMES VAN HEUSEN, JOHNNY BURKE Two Nights In October 02:30 Play Sample   Single $1.00
05 Remember Me This way Enumclaw High School Burke & Van Heusen Two Nights In October 02:32 Play Sample   Single $1.00

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