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Hot! Hot! Hot!
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Dr. Brad McDavid, Director
Brian Akesson, Associate Director
Don Sabo, Assistant Director
Press the play button () below to hear a sample.
Name Artist Composer(s) Album Time
01 Drum Yell (With Inst. Accomp.) Husky Marching Band Lester Wilson Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:55 Play Sample   Single $1.00
02 Hot! Hot! Hot! Husky Marching Band David Johansen Hot! Hot! Hot! 02:35 Play Sample   Single $1.00
03 St. Thomas Husky Marching Band SONNY ROLLINS Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:30 Play Sample   Single $1.00
04 Free Ride Husky Marching Band DANIEL HARTMAN Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:48 Play Sample   Single $1.00
05 Saturday Night's Alright Husky Marching Band Elton John, Bernie Taupin Hot! Hot! Hot! 02:29 Play Sample   Single $1.00
06 Funeral for A Friend Husky Marching Band ELTON JOHN, BERNIE TAUPIN Hot! Hot! Hot! 03:05 Play Sample   Single $1.00
07 Pinball Wizard Husky Marching Band PETER TOWNSHEND Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:54 Play Sample   Single $1.00
08 Johnny's Mambo Husky Marching Band MICHAEL LLOYD, ERICH BULLING, JOHN D'ANDREA Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:39 Play Sample   Single $1.00
09 Theme from Grease Husky Marching Band BARRY GIBB Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:31 Play Sample   Single $1.00
10 Theme from Blazing Saddles Husky Marching Band John Morris Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:38 Play Sample   Single $1.00
11 Orange Blossom Special (Featuring Thane Lewis) Husky Marching Band ERVIN ROUSE Hot! Hot! Hot! 02:15 Play Sample   Single $1.00
12 Victory for Washington II Husky Marching Band George Herbert Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:02 Play Sample   Single $1.00
13 New York, New York Husky Marching Band FRED EBB, JOHN KANDER Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:46 Play Sample   Single $1.00
14 The Song Is You Husky Marching Band O HAMMERSTEIN, J KERN Hot! Hot! Hot! 02:56 Play Sample   Single $1.00
15 Vehicle Husky Marching Band JAMES PETERIK Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:47 Play Sample   Single $1.00
16 George of the Jungle Husky Marching Band STAN WORTH, SHELDON ALLMAN Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:21 Play Sample   Single $1.00
17 Flinstones Husky Marching Band WILLIAM HANNA, JOSEPH BARBERA, HOYT CURTIN Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:02 Play Sample   Single $1.00
18 Think Husky Marching Band A. FRANKLIN, T. WHITE Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:19 Play Sample   Single $1.00
19 Star Wars Theme Husky Marching Band JOHN WILLIAMS Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:52 Play Sample   Single $1.00
20 Throne Room Finale (from Star Wars) Husky Marching Band JOHN WILLIAMS Hot! Hot! Hot! 02:03 Play Sample   Single $1.00
21 William Tell Husky Marching Band ROBERT J. WALSH, GIOACCHINO ANTONIO ROSSINI Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:20 Play Sample   Single $1.00
22 Polynesian Paralysis Husky Marching Band John Noble, Ralph Freed Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:43 Play Sample   Single $1.00
23 Louie, Louie Husky Marching Band RICHARD BERRY Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:26 Play Sample   Single $1.00
24 Tequila Husky Marching Band CHUCK RIO Hot! Hot! Hot! 01:26 Play Sample   Single $1.00

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