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     Tresóna utilizes a multifaceted approach to helping schools and churches sell their recordings and films of their performances.  For the sale of recordings and films to supporters and fans, Tresóna utilizes the capabilities of their e-commerce platform, which enables each client to have their own download store, complete with gift card and download card capability, as well as e-gift card capability.  This platform can deliver film and recordings which can be played in any operating format.  For more information about this platform, please click here.

     For recordings that are placed in the Tresóna Catalog, Tresóna will always be of assistance in making sure that the copyright permissions are in compliance.  If a school or ensemble has inadvertently infringed on a copyright, Tresóna's skilled associates will identify this issue and bring the school or ensemble into compliance, taking advantage of Tresóna's pre-arranged release agreements before a problem starts. 

     Once any issues have been resolved, Tresóna's audio enineers will evaluate the recording and decide where the recordings belong in our catalog.  In general terms, we categorize recordings as orchestral, band, small ensemble (seperating them into string and wind ensembles)  and grade them according to their potential use.  If a recording was made, mixed, and mastered, and has a studio quality to it, the recording will be placed in our master catalog and identified as such.  All major music publishers and entertainment industry executives have access to this catalog and can listen to these works through a streaming facility or they can request a physical copy of the music.  This approach helps the music directors involved in the entertainment industry quickly identify masters that they would like to license, and helps speed our clients' masters to market.

Preview of Master Recordings Database:

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