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Dear Composers and Rights Holders, 

If you have not been contacted for a mechanical license yet, you could be a very big help by sending us an email and identifying your track or tracks, so that we can send you the paperwork necessary to license your recordings and make sure you get paid money that is owed to you.

We do not ask for licensing in advance of listing a recording, because we do not know what will actually be fit for resale or what will actually be performed.  Our licensing is integrated into the act of uploading a track into our system.  There is a considerable variance between what is in the GALA records we were provided and what actually was performed.  If you are not sure whether your music was recorded, a great way to start to try to determine that is to start with the GALA Program Guide from the Festival, which can be downloaded by clicking here.

At Tresóna, we bulk license with HFA for mechanicals and receive mechanicals for downloads, downloads as part of a compilation, physical copies of compilations, ring backs, and ring tones.  We send our licensing files to HFA twice per month, and then we recieve our licenses back and also an exception report for those tracks not represented by HFA.  We then track down all of the composers on the exeception report and ask for the mechanical license.  This is a time consuming and cumbersome process, so it takes a bit of time.  We know that our practices are in keeping with industry standards, yet if there is any reason you want your recordings taken down, we will do that immediately, and you can alert us via email by clicking here.

If you would like to have your work sold and earn mechanicals, please click here.

Tresóna distributes world wide to every ISP retailer on the planet, and after a period of six months, we will move the GALA Festival Recordings to Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc., and this licensing is handled by Rights Flow through the Orchard.  We hope this will be an additional income source for the composers who want to get their work into wider distribution.

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