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Enumclaw High School
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Two Nights in October

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Two Nights in October

This Re-issue DVD and CD was produced in 2009 as part of Enumclaw's fundraising efforts for the fall.  Featuring both the band and choir, this is a great opportunity to own this beautiful music if you missed the opportunity to participte.  Featuring Enumclaw's band and choir, playing and singing the following music:

Press the play button () below to hear a sample.
Name Artist Composer(s) Album Time
01 Sing, Sing, Sing Enumclaw High School LOUIS PRIMA Two Nights in October 02:20 Play Sample   Single $1.00
02 Fly me to the Moon Enumclaw High School BART HOWARD Two Nights in October 01:52 Play Sample   Single $1.00
03 Here's that Rainy Day Enumclaw High School JAMES VAN HEUSEN, JOHNNY BURKE Two Nights in October 02:30 Play Sample   Single $1.00
04 Grunge Enumclaw High School Geoff Jahrman Two Nights in October 03:06 Play Sample   Single $1.00
05 O'Bonnie Doon Enumclaw High School Robert Burns Two Nights in October 02:32 Play Sample   Single $1.00
06 Dancing with the Wind Enumclaw High School Tracy Behrman Two Nights in October 05:51 Play Sample   Single $1.00
07 Ave Verum Enumclaw High School WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART Two Nights in October 02:39 Play Sample   Single $1.00
08 Play that Funky Music Enumclaw High School ROBERT W. PARISSI Two Nights in October 01:57 Play Sample   Single $1.00
09 Shut de Do Enumclaw High School Stonehill, Randall Evan Two Nights in October 02:48 Play Sample   Single $1.00
10 Variations on a Well Known Sea Chantey Enumclaw High School RICHARD STEPHAN Two Nights in October 07:38 Play Sample   Single $1.00
11 Finale Enumclaw High School C SAINT-SAENS Two Nights in October 01:28 Play Sample   Single $1.00
12 Fossils Enumclaw High School Camille Saint-Saens Two Nights in October 00:45 Play Sample   Single $1.00
13 The Elephant Enumclaw High School Camille Saint-Saens Two Nights in October 01:36 Play Sample   Single $1.00
14 Carnival of the Animals - Introduction Enumclaw High School SAINT-SAENS Two Nights in October 01:50 Play Sample   Single $1.00
15 The Seal Lullaby Enumclaw High School RUDYARD KIPLING, ERIC E WHITACRE Two Nights in October 03:51 Play Sample   Single $1.00
16 The Star Spangled Banner Enumclaw High School TOM SCHOLZ, JOHN STAFFORD SMITH, FRANCIS SCOTT KEY Two Nights in October 02:03 Play Sample   Single $1.00

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